Sunday, April 27, 2014

Guns are God

Let's just admit it.  We have reduced ourselves to the worship of instruments of death.  Guns are God.

In "The gun supremacists’ folly" E.J. Dione asks: "Have we gone stark raving mad?"

He answers:

The question is brought to mind by the gun law signed last week in Georgia by Gov. Nathan Deal. You might have thought that since the United States couldn’t possibly have more permissive firearms laws than it does now, nothing more could be done to coddle the gun lobby and tip the balance of our statutes away from law enforcement. Alas, you would be wrong.
Nowhere else in the world do the laws on firearms become the playthings of politicians and lobbyists intent on manufacturing cultural conflict. Nowhere else do elected officials turn the matter of taking a gun to church into a searing ideological question. But then, guns are not a religion in most countries.

In Georgia, the new law lets guns be everywhere.  Bars. Schools.  Churches. Airports.

What the f...?  Airports?  We have indeed gone mad.  The U. S. is suffering collective insanity.  Guns enable people to kill other people.  And the argument is that more guns will reduce that?  We have become the nation of nuts.

If I told you what was in the Georgia bill you would accuse me of fabrication.  But I assure you - you cannot make this stuff up.  Read on here.

For background, here is the report on the Georgia bill from Nation of Change.

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