Monday, April 28, 2014

Koch brothers and Arizona Public Service take shots at solar energy

When do the Koch brothers like raising taxes?  Answer: when said taxes interfere with solar energy.  If you slow down residential solar, we get to use more fossil fuels and thereby enriching the Kochs.  Blog for Arizona has a report.

 the “Kochtopus” web of dark money organizations in its hub of  operations in Maricopa County are hellbent on protecting their profits from carbon energy (coal/oil/gas) with the state’s largest utility companies. If the Koch brothers could buy the Sun, they would surely find a way.

For the rest of the story, see the Blog for Arizona article.

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  1. SIS:
    With the upcoming election of 2 ACC Board Members, this topic could use a lot more daylight.

    Although there is a fairness issue and the Utilities do deserve a fair ROI on the grid required to bring the power to every user, the attacks on the net metering tariffs are making the future of Solar Electric look very "Dicey"