Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Two ludicrous gun bills now on Governor's desk

HB 2339 - firearms in public places - and HB 2517 - punishment for local governments that pass gun safety regs - are now on Brewer's desk.  Will she do the right thing and trash both of them?

HB 2339 allows carrying firearms into most public places.  "Firearms would be permitted in such places unless the controlling entity provided gun lockers, armed guards and metal detectors."  The costs of doing so are ridiculous.  Never mind the start-up costs - consider the yearly drain on your local library's budget.  No new books this year,  Johnny, but be safe.

Here's the out.  Your local city government can pass ordinances to retrict firearms in these public locations.  Oops.  Enter HB 2517.  If any of your city government officials tries to do such a horrible thing, they can be fined.  HB 2517 "would assess a fine of $5,000 on any municipality or government official who enforced gun regulations that went beyond the scope of state law.  Not only that, but those local officials could be sued and couldn't use public money to defend themselves. (State officials, like legislators, use your money for that purpose all the time.)"

Daniel Hernandez offerse this assessment: "It's ludicrous, it's positively insane, that these pieces of gun legislation actually got to the governor's desk."
EJ Montini concedes " the ludicrous part.  But it would only qualify as "positively insane" if Brewer actually signed them."


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