Monday, June 23, 2014

Aw, shucks! Al Melvin quits the AZ Gov race

Citing the difficulty of obtaining the $5 clean election contributions, Al Melvin filed the papers to withdraw from the AZ Gov race.  (I guess the 1% guards their money carefully.)  Nevertheless, Melvin expressed hope for conservative causes [my translations in brackets:

But this is not the end of our fight for secure borders,  [Boots on the ground?  Virtual fences?]
high Arizona education standards instead of Common Core, [We can design our own standards.  Or we can leave those to parents.]
tax relief, [For the oppressed 1%.]
Universal School Vouchers, ...[Private schools supported by public tax dollars.]

He goes on:

 ...I am at peace with the decision because in spite of our efforts we were not going to be able to win the race, and no one who believes in our shared conservative values wants to see conservatives split the vote and allow a liberal to claim our party’s nomination.

We know from lots of psychological research that once you categorically label a group of people, you are less perceptive of differences among those people.  Maybe that's why I don't see his point presumably about the remaining GOP candidates.  A liberal?  Claiming an AZ GOP nomination?  Maybe he is referring to Ducey?

Reported by Jim Nintzel in the Tucson Weekly.

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