Saturday, June 28, 2014

AZ Gov candidates' reactions to Huppenthal scandal

As reported by The Yellow Sheet Report, June 26, 2014: CANDIDATES DUCK HUPPENTHAL SCANDAL

Except for [Democratic candidate Fred} DuVal, the gubernatorial candidates refrained from criticizing Huppenthal, and instead strongly suggested leaving it to the public to decide his fate. 

The GOP contenders' reactions ranged from cowardice to clueless.

Riggs felt sorry for Hupp.

Ducey will "back the GOP ticket - including Huppenthal."

Bennett said "it's up to Huppenthal and his family whether to stay in the race or not."

Smith "echoed the theme that voters should decide ..."

Those were the "kick the can down the road" chicken-out answers.

Then there was this:  "[Christine] Jones claimed to have no knowledge of the controversy. “I honestly, to be candid, don’t know what he said,” she said. "

Are you kidding me?  Does she have no access to the many media reports?  Buy a TV!

The only candidate with any principles stole the show.

Duval, however, seized the chance to ask for the superintendent’s resignation. He said the job of overseeing the education of Arizona’s kids comes with a “higher duty.” “I believe that the superintendent has violated that,” he said.

h/t to AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona and the Duval  campaign.

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