Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Candidate endorsements: With friends like these ...

From the Arizona Republic

[Doug] Ducey, a GOP candidate for governor, won the endorsement of [Scott] Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, last month. Walker called Ducey a common-sense conservative who is capable of making the tough choices demanded of a governor.  

Tough choice #1: Ducey selected Cathi Herrod as advisor.  Will Jan Brewer also endorse Cathi's Clown? 

Michele Reagan, candidate for AZ Secretary of State, gets the endorsement of Kris Kobach, Kansas SoS.  You remember Reagan -- the voter suppression lady.

In 2013, she authored two bills that became lightning rods within the Latino community. One bill would have allowed elections officials to remove people from the permanent early-voting list if they had not used their mail-in ballot in recent elections. The other measure would have banned bulk collection of ballots.

And she won't stop trying.

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