Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dark money ads target GOP candidate Jones

Dark money is not directed just at Dems. Laurie Roberts from the Arizona Republic reports that a South Dakota (South Dakota???) veterans group is pumping cash into ads attacking Christine Jones.  Here is the real story:

In what I'm sure is just a complete coincidence, the ads are being produced by DC London, whose owner Sean Noble is an ally of [GOP Gov Candidate Doug] Ducey.
Noble is a maestro of dark money, renowned for moving it around so the source is hidden — handy for keeping fingerprints from showing up in the mud.

The ads seem to be a bit of swift-boating aimed at Jones for some of her earlier remarks.

The Air Farce [sic] ad claims she lied about being in the Air Force. Jones says she was a Air Force ROTC cadet and never claimed to be in the Air Force. However, a listener would infer from her 2013 comments that she was in the Air Force.

Now I am no fan of Jones (or any of the rest of these GOP clowns), but this does illustrate the sinister nature of campaign spending without public accountability.  Roberts concludes:

"Honest is important to Arizona," the ad says and I agree.
So why not own up to who's really behind these attack ads?

I am betting that Dougie is out to [Coldstone] cream Jones.

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