Sunday, June 15, 2014

Did AZ State Senator Kelli Ward propose antiaircraft guns at AZ borders?

Actually, no, she did not.  She did ask Gov. Brewer to use the National Guard and county sheriffs to stop buses full of immigrants.  She said that Arizona needs to “secure our borders with surrounding states.”  However:

Only thing is, there are no buses filled with migrants crossing into Arizona from New Mexico for deputies or soldiers to stop or turn around: Those captured in Texas by Customs and Border Protection are being flown to Arizona for processing. Only after that are they being taken by bus to the local Greyhound terminals where they can catch transportation to somewhere else.

Hence the question in the title.  If Senator Ward wants to stop immigrants at the AZ border, what recourse is there other than shooting down the planes?  How about we build an iron curtain around AZ's airspace?  Think about the economic benefit of gun dealers selling ack-ack guns or SAMs.  New businesses could get a pass on the antiaircraft guns by parachuting their new employees into the state.  

Once again, an AZ legislator drags the state through Comedy Central.

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