Friday, June 20, 2014

Huppenthal anonymous blogging story goes national: "Arizona school chief busted for posting appalljng comments online"

Here is the Daily Kos article with that headline.

Phoenix news and TV stations have gotten on this story big time.

Arizona Republic: "Anonymous postings from state schools superintendent are offensive in more ways than one."  Wow.  The Arizona Republic has a scathing editorial on Huppenthal's anonymous blogs.  Here is some of that editorial.

Anonymously, the state's top education official suggested that Charles Darwin labeled Germans the master race (long before Hilter came along) and would have approved of the Holocaust. He said Franklin D. Roosevelt was responsible for the Great Depression (which started with a stock-market crash early in the Hoover administration). He repeated the canard that abortion is genocide on African-Americans.
A student advancing any of these unsupportable views in an essay would get an F. So it's not surprising that Huppenthal would want to keep his agreement with them secret.
The anonymous Internet is revealing. It shows us what a person really believes, what he holds deep in his heart. What he dares not say publicly.

It's only June.  The election is five months away.  It is up to all of us to make sure the electorate remembers in November what all this reveals about the character of the man who aspires to head public education in Arizona.

AZ Central columnist Laurie Roberts weighs in on another angle to this story - apparent use of state resources for his anonymous posts.

Huppenthal isn't explaining why some of those posts were made from a Department of Education IP address.
Surely, Attorney General Tom Horne could advise him on the do's and don'ts for state employees working on the taxpayers dime? 

And a Republic reader chimes in questioning Hupp's suitability for public office - with some other reminders about Hupp in the news in years past.

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