Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Inside the Koch Brothers' billionaire summit

This was a secret meeting of conservative politicians and the uber-rich.  The Nation's report describes the right-wing agenda.  Here is a sample.

Part One [of the Foundations for Progress theme] featured Michael Lomax, the president and CEO of the United Negro College Fund, which recently received a $25 million donation from the Kochs to create a special "Koch Scholars" program emphasizing entrepreneurialism and free markets. Lomax has faced a storm of criticism for taking the money, given the history of attacks by Koch-funded organizations on voting rights, which do the most harm to underprivileged minorities who typically vote Democratic.        
Intriguing in its ambiguity was the "Energy: Changing the Narrative" session, presumably meant to change the narrative of climate change to one of energy independence. ... As the owners of a large carbon-based energy conglomerate with interests in oil, natural gas and coal, it is not hard to see why the Kochs are some of the most vocal climate deniers.
Security was tight from noon on Saturday throughout the remainder of the conference, with checkpoints at every entrance to the resort. At the front gate, security guards and multiple Koch employees brandishing iPads greeted incoming cars. Even more Koch employees, acting as escorts, met guests at the front door. Guests were asked to abide by a no-cell phone policy, and security was in place to enforce that policy at events.

If the ideas espoused at this summit are so good for the nation, why are they kept secret?

Read the full report here.

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