Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Ghoulish Face of (American) Empire

Iraq is coming apart.  The ISIS/ISIL have grabbed large chunks of it with the resulting slaughter causing Sunnis to rethink the alliance.  The Kurds have their own  autonomous state.  The Shiites struggle to hold Baghdad.  The US is hoping Iran might help.  And the war mongers who got us into this mess want us to get back in and stir up the mess some more.  Advocates of US military intervention must explain to the American public why sending our soldiers into Iraq will help (not that anyone knows what that means anymore) when sending them caused the unraveling of that cobbled-together country in the first place.

Chris Hedges' column, The Ghoulish Face of Empire, appearing on-line in Nation of Change,  should be read by every American.  He describes how we got to this point  and what the best case scenario will be.  Hint: re-read the preceding paragraph.  But there is a deeper message about the limits of American military power and the implications for our foreign policy.

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