Friday, June 27, 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Alternatives to Huppenthal

The race for Superintendent of Public Instruction is like the Clint Eastwood western, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly."  Hupp's comments were truly ugly - even he now "renounces" them.  That leaves the bad and the good.

The Bad.  Blog for Arizona has a comprehensive report on the other Republican candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction - Diane Douglas.  Other than the standard lines about how oppressed we are by the fed, she has one issue: stopping Common Core.  The business community should not be happy with the Republican primary choice:  John "Thucky" Huppenthal vs. Diane "Stop Common Core" Douglas.  Neither has any direct educational experience; neither has expertise in  educational policy or pedagogy.  Election of either one would result in a continuation of the downward spiral of public education in Arizona.  Get acquainted with Diane Douglas here.

The Good.  Fortunately, we have a good Democratic candidate for this post - David Garcia.  David is an Associate Professor of Education at ASU.  He has experience in stat government having "served as the state Associate Superintendent of Public Instruction for Standards and Accountability, Director of Research and Policy for the Arizona Department of Education, research analyst for the Arizona State Senate Education Committee and as a peer consultant for the U.S. Department of Education."  Here we have an opportunity to elect a clear alternative to political hacks and ideologues.  But only if we vote for the good guy!  Meet David here.

Here is another critique of Hupp and support for Garcia

The Democrats are running professional educator and Army veteran David Garcia, who grew up in Mesa and attended public schools, against Huppenthal. It’s been a long time since Arizona has an education professional running the schools.
Huppenthal’s plans to be re-elected and run Arizona schools for four more years when it’s all said and done could be the lighting rod that sparks a fire of revolt to take back Arizona from the goofballs who have driven the state into a hole of failure and mediocrity.

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