Saturday, June 14, 2014

The limited options for the US in Iraq: Revisiting the Biden solution

Yesterday (6/13) the President ruled out ground troops.  But there is nothing anyone can do that will stop the neocon buzz.  McCain and Graham and the rest are already out there advocating military action including a new invasion.  That's nuts.  The last time we listened to these guys we got our selves bogged down in a country whose politics have roots a dozen centuries ago.  Why listen to them now?

Joe Biden had it right in 2006 - decentralize power along ethnic lines to Kurd, Sunni, and Shia.  It may be too late, but the country is headed there anyway so is there some way to help them to the end game without all the blood-letting?  Probably not.  The difference now is this militant group, ISIS, making military advances in the absence of any apparent Sunni political leadership.

Most often the Scriber aligns pretty well with Blog for Arizona.  But check this.  "If the goal is to keep Iraq in one piece, supporting those friendly forces with cash, arms and supplies will quickly become a necessity."  Is that our goal?  Scriber asks "why?"  The question takes urgency from this article at Blog for Arizona:

The Iraqi army has a less than good relationship with local populations and police forces. The Sahwa fighters, Sunni tribal fighters trained by the Americans, were able to contain ISIS related forces several years ago. Due to political bungling by the central government, its relations with Sahwa have deteriorated to the point that the Sunnis are no longer inclined to fight for the central government.

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