Monday, June 16, 2014

The right-wing docs won't like these numbers

Lots of data here (but in easy-to-consume graphics), and none of it very positive about our health care system.

Another report plots life expectancy against health care spending.  America does not fare well on this either:

The chart, from a 2013 report, maps what countries spend per-person on health care against how long people in those countries live. It captures two long-standing truths about the American system: the United States consistently ranks way above peer nations in health care spending, but also ranks way behind in health care outcomes.

A glimmer of hope:

And, its also possible the United States' ranking could change in future surveys. Numerous surveys show that the Affordable Care Act is driving down the uninsured rate, which could reduce the cost-barriers and inequality that shows up here. In upcoming surveys, America might not come in very last.

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