Friday, June 20, 2014

The two best things today: Clean Elections Commission votes to investigate AZ AG Horne, denies AZ SoS Bennett's request for TV time

On Thursday, June 19, the AZ Citizens Clean Elections Commission took two important actions.  Quotes from AZ Daily Star report follow.

The first decision was to investigate the charge against AZ AG Tom Horne that his executive staff worked on his re-election campaign.

The commission unanimously approved the inquiry at its meeting Thursday. The investigation will examine whether Horne violated the law by using his executive staff to work on his re-election campaign and could end in enforcement action.
Former Horne staffer Sarah Beattie filed a complaint with the commission and the secretary of state's office last month saying she was essentially hired to work on Horne's campaign. She also alleged that others in Horne's office also did substantial work on his campaign.
Horne denies the allegations.

The second decision takes AZ SoS Bennett off of voter education ads.  

The commission also denied Secretary of State Ken Bennett's request to appear in voter education ads while running for governor.

The connection between the two cases is the use of state resources controlled by a candidate for office to advance that candidate's campaign.

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