Friday, June 27, 2014

Why SCOTUS has failed America

Somehow, during my education in civics, I came to believe one thing.  No matter if the President was doing weird and criminal things, no matter if Congress was capricious, SCOTUS stood as the defender of the supreme law of the land.  Now you can snicker, because of the Bush elections etc., but I continued to believe.  As of yesterday, no more.  

SCOTUS decided that women approaching abortion clinics have no right to freedom from harassment (or worse - violence) by striking down a state law designed to protect clinic clients from harassment on the street.  In contrast, SCOTUS protects itself with a no-protest zone in front of its own building.  They protect voters at polling places with similar prohibitions against political harassment.  But when it comes to abortion clinics?  SCOTUS decides one group of citizens are not entitled to equal protection.  Their decision does not cohere with what else they let stand, including their own buffer zone.  

My practice here has been to go after the goofy guys, politicians who say and do 

stupid, hypocritical, and inconsistent things.  With regret, I consign SCOTUS to the same political scrap heap. 

As usual, Rachel Maddow says it better.

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