Monday, September 1, 2014

Scriber on vacation

Scriber is headed off to the country of Zambia for most of September.  One of the attractions is to view and photograph real elephants.  Real elephants are highly intelligent and social animals.  They care for their young and mourn their dead.  And they are being subjected to an unrelenting attack by poachers.  I could not pass up the opportunity. (And I sure wish the Republicans had a symbol other than the elephant.)

Oh, did I mention giraffes, lions, hippos, lions, Cape buffalo, lions, cheetahs, and lions?

For the ultra-curious among Scriber's readers, here are the websites for the camps where we will be.  For the ultra-techies, the GPS coordinates are embedded in the URLs for the Google maps.





Web site


Chiawa Camp and Old Mondoro Camp (common owner)

Chiawa web site

Old Mondoro web site


The Sky Island Scriber's blog will resume at the beginning of October.

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