Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Diane Douglas struggles with truth - loses battle

Douglas, candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, has a problem with truth.  She charged that the public had no chance to weigh in on the state's version of the "Common core" standards.  The Republic/azcentral calls her out: the AZ Board of Education provided multiple chances in their routine meetings for such comment.  Douglas' charge is false.

Here is another skirmish with truth that Douglas loses reported by azcentral factcheck.

The issue: "Whether states developed the education standards known as Common Core and whether they can change them."

ANALYSIS: Common Core education standards, currently in place in 43 states, are designed to better prepare students for college and the workforce. David Garcia, a Democrat, supports the standards. Republican Diane Douglas opposes them.
Douglas, among other things, argues that the objectives are a heavy-handed federal intrusion on state education. During the debate, Garcia countered that local educators and states, including Arizona, developed the guidelines.
So who is right? According to our research, a bipartisan group of each state's top education officials met in 2007 to begin overhauling the nation's education guidelines, forming two work groups in cooperation with the National Governors' Association.
BOTTOM LINE: State education officials spearheaded the creation of the standards, provided feedback during their drafting and ultimately voted to adopt them. They're also able to add to them as long as they continue to meet the 85 percent threshold.

Scriber's bottom line:  Douglas' only claim to the superintendent office is her opposition to common core.  And she gets that one issue wrong.  Vote for David Garcia!

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