Monday, October 20, 2014

Information on Prop 122 - a must read - and take action!

Here is an opportunity to take some action - easy to do if you are on Facebook.  The Republic/azcentral has a story on Prop 122 - you know - the one declaring supremacy of AZ over the US.  It is destined to cost a lot of $$$ and ultimately fail in the courts.  This article is especially revealing because it reports Dicey Ducey's support for this travesty.  So, go to this article, read it, and then click on the comment icon at the bottom.  (You will need a Facebook login.)  Tell 'em to vote no on Prop 122 and then take a whack at Ducey while you're at it.


[Prop 122] Changes the state constitution to allow Arizona to "exercise its sovereign authority to restrict the actions of its personnel and the use of its financial resources to purposes that are consistent with the (U.S.) Constitution." It allows the state to pass an initiative, referendum or legislation, or go to court to determine a federal action or program is unconstitutional and forbid the use of any state or local personnel or money to comply with that action or program.
Arizona Republican leaders, including gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey, are pushing a ballot measure they say will protect Arizonans from being forced to fund federal overreach. They argue Proposition 122 is the solution to federal health-care mandates, children dying under the watch of the state's child protection agency and Environmental Protection Agency regulations harming farmers and ranchers.
"Arizona needs to decide how it will best spend its own budget," Ducey wrote. "Many federal programs cost Arizona more than the state receives from the federal government. Prop 122 creates a way for the state to evaluate these programs and determine what makes sense for Arizona's taxpayers."

That sounds good to some, I guess, but it will lead to more crazy in AZ.

[Sandy Bahr of the Sierra Club weighs in:] These types of measures ... are bad for business," she said. "The view of Arizona is it's kind of wacky and people will wonder what federal law they're not going to abide by next."

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