Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sarah Gerracht-Gassen: If you don't like the status quo, vote!

Her column in the Daily Star/ is right on.  

Attack ads funded by dark money are designed to make you stay home and not vote.  (See also today's post on toxic ads.) 

Candidates dodging interviews deprive you of information you need to vote intelligently. 

Our legislators feed us nonsense and insult our intelligence and sense of fairness by insisting funding of public education is "impossible" while cutting more taxes.  

Here is a strategy.  If we want change, we'd better damn well get to the polls and vote the scoundrels out. 

Figure out who is doing most attack ads - vote against that candidate.  Figure out who is stiffing the press and not answering questions - vote against that candidate.  Find out which legislator will cut taxes and cut education - and vote against that candidate.  

And then spread the word to everyone you know.

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