Saturday, December 13, 2014

Elizabeth Warren's "special sauce"

Stephanie Taylor at The Nation analyzes Warren's broad appeal. (h/t Jean Vickers)

From the rubble of the 2014 election, a conversation has started about the future of the Democratic Party. Senator Elizabeth Warren is central to that conversation. 
This week, we learned that Warren will be joining the Senate Democratic leadership as strategic policy adviser to the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee. In this role — created specifically for her — she will help craft the party's policies and priorities as well as serve as a liaison to progressive groups. 

Assuming the party chefs retranche' (forgive the George-Will-ism) are serious about taking her advice, this is an amazing ascendancy - she's not been in the Senate all that long.

So what is her recipe?  Taylor lists several defining ingredients.  Big ideas, pursued with boldness, and a pragmatic but skeptical approach to bipartisanship are a few that are listed leading up to this conclusion.

The road to 2016 starts today. Democrats in Congress have a choice. They can become less and less popular as they pursue tepid policies that seek to pacify everyone and please no one. Or they can tap deep into themselves — into the parts that are most courageous, most audacious, most good. They can pursue a road map that is both ideological and tactically advantageous. They will be surprised at the results.

A true blue Democrat would only be surprised at positive results from acting like a Democrat if the memory of FDR has totally faded.

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