Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pope Francis champions global action on climate change

And, equally big news, is that survey results indicate that most Catholics agree.  Here is coverage from Mother Jones.

Pope Francis, the leader the Catholic Church, is closing out 2014 in his typically headline-grabbing fashion. He used a traditional Christmas address to issue a scathing takedown of the political squabbling that infects Vatican bureaucracy, and he was also credited as a key backroom player in the thawing of US-Cuba relations.
Next on his list? Climate change.
Over the weekend, the Guardian reported that the pope will issue the first-ever comprehensive set of Vatican teachings on climate change, in the form of an encyclical—or "papal letter"—sent to churches worldwide. He will also personally lobby for climate action action in a series of high profile meetings ahead of the all-important UN global warming negotiations in Paris next year. ...

One issue, if not the issue, for the Pope is the impact of climate change on the poorest of humanity.

Climate change ... will "affect all of humanity, especially the poorest and future generations. What's more, it represents a serious ethical and moral responsibility."

Oh, man!  If he can get the U. S. and Cuba together, he can beat climate change.

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