Sunday, December 28, 2014

Retched excess: AZ Republicans feather their own nest with $800,000 of taxpayer money

That's right.  They are spending $800K on remodeling even while claiming they cannot afford to fund schools.  Here's the story at azcentral.

The Arizona Legislature faces a $1 billion budget shortfall. State leaders have begun warning that likely painful cuts will be required and say they can't afford to pay public schools the money the court says they're owed.
Meanwhile, the House and Senate found nearly $800,000 in the couch cushions for new carpet, paint, reconfigured offices for leadership and other remodeling to legislative facilities.
According to information provided to The Arizona Republic in response to a public records request, the Senate is spending $363,111 on remodeling and the House is spending $336,759. Some of the amounts are based on the bids, and so may change once work is completed.
And that's not all of what's being spent. The records do not include the amount the Senate is spending to reupholster dozens of chairs in legislative hearing rooms, or what the House is spending on new monitors and TVs.

Here's the new Republican slogan for 2016: Kouches Over Kids.

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