Monday, December 29, 2014

The World According to GORP

That would be the Grand Old Republican Party (with apologies to John Irving and Robin Williams).

Robert Reich has a good post about what we can expect from GORP now that he controls both houses of Congress ("he" being The Prototypical Patriarch - white, old, rich, and conservative).  

What GORP believes

No climate change (and we humans have nothing to do with weather anyway).  Tax cuts for the wealthy is good for the poor.  Economic inequality is merely an artifact of measurement.  Evolution? Nothing worth mentioning before 6,000 years ago.  Voter fraud is everywhere and can be controlled by eliminating voting.

What GORP might will do

Reich predicts they will fire the head of the Congressional Budget Office thereby reducing the dissonance between their economic beliefs (as in the Ryan budget) and the economic, statistical, and scientific facts.   Not only that:

The pattern seems to be: if you don’t like the facts, make them up.
Or have your benefactors finance “think tanks” filled with hired guns who will tell the public what you and your patrons want them to say.
If all else fails, fire your own experts who tell the truth, and replace them with people who will pronounce falsehoods.
There’s one big problem with this strategy, though. Legislation based on lies often causes the public to be harmed.
Not even “truthiness,” as Stephen Colbert once called it, is an adequate substitute for the whole truth. 

But a world governed by truthiness will be the world we live in starting a week from today - a World According to GORP.

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