Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dicey Ducey Dodges public disdain - visitor log replaced

Yesterday I noted that Scriber received a report that Dicey had reinstated the visitors log in the Executive Tower. My source says she heard it on NPR. That's now confirmed in a press conference yesterday afternoon. Here is an email report from Robbie Sherwood at ProgressNow Arizona.

Score one for government transparency!

After Arizonans like you voiced outrage over the removal of the visitor's log from the Executive Tower, Gov. Doug Ducey has relented and reversed course. During a press event this afternoon, reporters noted that the visitors log had been returned. Signing in is still optional (it shouldn't be), but this is a step back toward government transparency.

Scriber agrees - sign-ins should be mandatory.

ProgressNow Arizona was the first to widely report the disappearance of the logs after The Capitol Times noted it in its subscription-only Yellowsheet. Dozens of readers responded and called Ducey to demand an end to government secrecy. Thank you!

This is a test. Check all correct answers. (a) Dicey originally scrapped the log because of a desire for more efficient government. (b) He scrapped the log to hide his dark money visitors. (c) Dicey relented out of a profound sense of civic duty. (d) Dicey relented because of public pressure.

Sherwood again, calling for public pressure on the AZ Senate to kill the anti-open-meeting bill.

Now it's time to call your legislators and demand that they kill Sen. Sylvia Allen's Senate Bill 1435, which would gut Arizona's open meeting law. Open government is good government.

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