Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dicey Ducey vs. Dynamite Douglas: Round 2

Just to keep the pot boiling ...

Douglas seems to be at war with everybody and everything. She is fulfilling her promise to destroy Common Core. She has overstepped her authority in firing education board staff (apparently just for doing their job as employees of the board). Now she has dissed the Gov.

I must apologize to my readers. I really thought that Douglas' lack of any meaningful experience would result in her being a nebbish in her new post. I was wrong. She is on the warpath even with members of her own party. She has proved to be quite skilled at making political enemies. I totally misjudged how lack of rational thinking amplifies ideological blunders.

Here is an extended summary from

And The Republic editors were pretty damning in their analysis.

It is one thing for an elected official to ardently defend and advance the issues she believes carried her into office. It is another matter to declare war on pretty much everyone around you out of petulance and pique.

Since the general election began, Douglas critics have characterized her as combative, reclusive and politically tin-eared. She just proved them understated and generous. This political fight likely will not end well for Douglas or the interests of Arizona's public-school students.

Perhaps the kindest thing the citizens of AZ could do at this point is recall Douglas. It would be like educational euthanasia.

On the other hand, consider the specter of Douglas hanging in there "twisting slowly, slowly in the wind". ("The phrase [from John Erlichman] evokes the imagery of a corpse dangling from the gallows. Many other writers used the imagery before Watergate, but Erlichman supplied the exact wording for the catch phrase." Quote from

I think whatever deity you do not believe in (but whom you evoke in exhortations anyway) you should ask to keep Douglas on her job with a new enemy made every day for the next four years.

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