Saturday, February 7, 2015

GOPlins in Congress show American how well they govern

Sure. And I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you. These guys and their useless votes go nowhere but keep trying endlessly. They make John McCain sound reasonable! Check out Eugene Robinson's column at the Washington Post. He suggests an alternative strategy. Snippets follow.

Let me suggest a different approach. First, Republicans must cross a big hurdle: acknowledging that with Democrats able to block legislation in the Senate and Obama still resident in the White House, passing legislation will require compromise. Once you get beyond that, the rest is easy.

No, you can’t repeal Obamacare, but you might be able to make it work better for your constituents. No, you can’t undo Obama’s immigration actions without passing legislation that the Senate and the president find acceptable. No, you can’t hijack funding for a crucial government agency without suffering political damage — and ultimately folding because you don’t have the cards.

But will they do it? I think Robinson and I share pessimism.

The GOP apparently hopes the display of juvenile behavior we’re witnessing will inspire voters to give the party even more power in 2016 by electing a Republican president. Good luck with that.

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