Thursday, February 19, 2015

MUY Ficticio: #AZLeg panel votes to have school children not learn what other U.S. kids learn

The caps stand for Make Up Your Facts. Or, loosely in Spanish, very false. That's what Republicans want for our school children. Today's Daily Star carries a report by Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services: the House Education Committee does not want our children learning the same stuff that kids in other states learn. You know, stuff like numbers. Other educational fundamentals are on the block. Science. History. Civics.

The House Education Committee voted 5-2 along party lines to block the state Board of Education from implementing the standards developed in part by the National Governors Association.

The Republican-backed HB 2190 also makes it illegal for the board to adopt standards for college and career readiness that are "substantially similar to standards or assessments used by 20 or more other states."


Rep. Doug Coleman, R-Apache Junction ... worried that the restrictions in HB 2190 would preclude Arizona from some common-sense goals, like saying first-graders should learn their numbers, simply because 20 other states have the same standards.

This guy, a Republican, gets it. Or does he?

But he agreed to go along with other Republicans to have further discussion of the issue.

WTF? I guess you have to go along to get along. No discussion is needed. This is a damn bad piece of Tea Potty tom foolery.

AZ is not just crAZy. It's well on its way to becoming an Idiocracy.

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