Saturday, March 28, 2015

Action alert: Ask Ducey to veto SB1318

Repeat from yesterday - need to call if you have not already done so.

This bill contains an objectionable and possibly dangerous provision which requires physicians to inform their patients that an unproven protocol of injected progesterone could halt their medication abortion.

When you call Governor Ducey's office, contact info below, please tell staff this provision:

Is not FDA approved and has no evidence to support it

There is no credible science backing this practice

This bill amounts to state sanctioned and facilitated experimentation on vulnerable women

Thank you for taking action to keep government out of our exam rooms and protect the physician-patient relationship!

As always, create your own version of these talking points.

Please call:

Kirk Adams, Chief of Staff, 602-542-1444

Christina Corieri, Health and Human Services Policy Advisor, 602-542-3394

Here, at Huff Post, is more background on the junk science driving this bill. The "research" comes from one anti-abortion doc.

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