Friday, March 27, 2015

AZ really is a high tax state ... for the poor!

David Safier at Tucson Weekly/The Range has a post with data on the rate-wise tax burden sorted by percentile of income. I've posted on this before but it bears repeating.

... the top 1 percent pays 4.6 percent of its income on state and local taxes. The bottom 20 percent pays 12.5 percent.

So, what the GOPlin idiotors say about taxation is true. AZ is a high tax state. For the poor.

Or, less kindly, as Safier puts it:

Arizona is a tax haven for the rich and a tax hell for the poor. That means every Republican legislator who complains about high Arizona taxes—in other words, every Republican legislator (If any of you is an exception, please let me know and I'll apologize publicly)—is a liar. They don't give a damn about high taxes on the poor, because, if you're too poor to contribute to campaigns, who the hell cares what happens to you? They just want lower taxes for people who can afford to pay the piper.

h/t Jerry Stoops

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