Friday, March 13, 2015

AZ State Sen. Steve Yarborough defends the budget - and publishes his email address list.

Previously I reported on Sen. Steve Farley's recounting of the budget and why it is so wrong for AZ. Robbie Sherwood (ProgressNowArizona) has a great posting of Sen. Steve Yarborough's mass email to his constituents. You will find the contrast between these Senators' views striking. An interesting catch is that Yarborough did not blind copy his list so all 500 email addresses ended up being broadcast to all addressees. And so were many replies commenting on Yarborough's defense of the budget and his vote on it. The replies from constituents are quite critical. I'll follow on here with two posts. The first contains Yarborough's email and the second contains several lengthy reactions from constituents (supplied by Sherwood).

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