Monday, March 23, 2015

Back Ally Watch: Oro Valley Idiotor forms Allyance ...

... with Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller. From Road Runner at AZ Daily Star (

An Arizona lawmaker wants to make county governments atone for the sinfully bad roads by making them pay, almost without question, any claim received from motorists who say pavement conditions caused damage to their cars.

"If Pima County was spending more money on fixing potholes than on other things, they probably wouldn’t ever have seen legislation like this cross my desk," said Mark Finchem, R-Oro Valley.

The bill, HB 2572, reads: "Any person whose vehicle is damaged from the county’s failure to maintain a roadway may apply to the county for reimbursement for the cost of the repair. The county shall reimburse the applicant within five days after receiving the application for reimbursement."

Why is he doing this? Here is Reason #1.

"When Pima County sweeps what HURF funds it has from (Supervisor) District 1 and slaps around a supervisor who is trying to do what her constituents want her to do, that’s reprehensible," Finchem said, referencing Supervisor Ally Miller.

Aha! Pinchem is in cahoots with the Tea Potty supervisor who has yet to figure out that waging war on her fellow supervisors is not a smart thing to do. Filtchem has joined her crusade; apparently he hasn't figured it out either.

And here is Reason #2.

Even if Finchem’s bill goes nowhere, which he said probably is the case at least for this legislative session, local governments already pay claims to motorists who can prove road conditions caused damage to their cars.

That is, this guy has too much free time, time spent on frivolous bills, time paid for by you and I.

Come on, Oro Valley. Is this guy the best you have to offer to your community, your county, your state, your children?

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