Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Evangelical right-winger Ted Cruz declares presidential candidacy

Tweet 1: Ted Cruz oozes optimism, earning new handle @TedCrooze.

Tweet 2: @TedCrooze aims to remove health coverage from millions of American citizens.

Tweet 3: @TedCrooze wants to scrap IRS. Crooze is OK with huge increase in deficit.

Tweet 4: @TedCrooze will secure our border ... but does not know how.

Tweet 5: @TedCrooze will ban same-sex marriage, says my religion is better than yours.

Tweet 6: @TedCrooze courts Tea Potty, does not give a s#&t about the rest of GOP.

Stay tuned for these tweets and more.

News story about Crooze's promises is at the NY Times here.

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