Sunday, March 15, 2015

GV News touts Ackerley

This morning, the GV News editor, Dan Shearer, wrote a glowing editorial extolling Chris Ackerley's vote on the disastrous budget. The thing is: that vote was cheap. Because of the overwhelming Republican majority no single vote mattered. Also: rumor has it that Ackerley's "no" vote was blessed by the Republican leadership. All that aside, what Shearer did not mention was Ackerley's other votes, for example, his votes on the gun bill and the opt out bill on standardized tests. Even his Republican colleagues (or at least some of them) have issues with those bills. It's time to get Shearer to acknowledge the other side of Chris Ackerley.

BTW. Shearer quotes Ackerley's own account of his thinking about the budget. He's proud that he and others got "flexibility" for K-12 to move funds from non-instruction to classroom teaching. That's a very low bar given the overall austerity. The real issue is the continuing pattern of Republican cuts to all of education in this state.

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