Monday, March 16, 2015

It is time for Duce to sharpen the veto pen

It is also time for serious legislators to practice self control.

The Daily Star editorial mentions just two reasons: a gun bill passed by the state House and an abortion bill considered in the state Senate.

If Gov. Doug Ducey is serious about working to undo damage done to Arizona’s reputation by our history of extremist right-wing legislation, he must use his veto on a series of bad bills coming out of the Legislature on guns and reproductive health care.

Scriber: That is a big "if." Here are short descriptions of those bills.

The legislation would let people with concealed carry permits bring deadly weapons into public buildings like child welfare agencies, city halls or libraries unless there are armed security guards and metal detectors. [All of which cost lots of money - so the crappy choice is metal detectors vs. books.]

Republicans who claim to oppose government interference in a person’s life are pushing legislation that is the direct opposite They’re trying to practice pseudo-medicine with a bill that would require doctors to tell women a medication abortion can be reversed if she takes progesterone in time.

This is untested and it isn’t known if, should it work, how it would affect the fetus. It is outrageous to dictate the conversation between a doctor and patient, especially when the information being promulgated is speculative and possibly dangerous.

This bill is a litmus test for a true conservative. If a politician, say a certain Republican from LD2, really believes in limited government, then a NO vote on this abortion bill should be automatic. Stay tuned. The House has yet to vote on this bill.

BTW: that certain Republican already voted for the gun bills, one of which was mentioned in the Star's editorial.

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