Friday, March 20, 2015

More reactions to Il Duce's personal police force: The bill should sleep with the fishes!

Post from Stephen Lemons at Phoenix New Times:

Creating a little AG's office in the governor's office takes away the check of having the Attorney General doing the same work. The AG is an elected position. The IG post Ducey envisions will not be. It will do Ducey's bidding, and that could be politically motivated.

As governor, Ducey already has an enormous amount of power. The legislature would be wrong to roll over for Ducey like a defanged lap dog, and the AG should continue to oppose Ducey's power grab..

As for Ducey, he would be wise to nix this bill, and start over next session, if at all.

Another possibility: use the resources you already have, governor. You don't need any more.

Post from Laurie Roberts at

A powerful governor, backed by dark money now further consolidating his power with his own secret police?

Hey, what's not to like?

Under the bill, the new IG will carry a badge, have subpoena power in his pocket and report directly to the governor. The office will be staffed with a handful of inspectors.

To quote from that well-known authority on all things, Wikipedia: "Secret police forces are accountable only to the executive branch of the government, sometimes only to a dictator."

Tweet from Laurie Roberts (@LaurieRoberts), 3/19/15, 5:44 PM

A secret investigative agency that reports only to @dougducey? Hey, every dictator should have one. via @azcentral

Tweet from E.J. Montini (@ejmontini), 3/19/15, 1:55 PM

@ejmontini: READER: 'Don' Ducey's bill should sleep with the fishes. ME: As in - leave the bill, take the cannoli?

Tweet from Robbie Sherwood (@RobbieSherwood), 3/19/15, 4:02 PM

More like Fredo. Doug 'The Godfather' Ducey wants his own Luca Brasi @ejmontini #azgov

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