Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One more reason why crAZy makes the news: Arizonans may not be able to board airplanes after January 2016

The simple reason is that our Legislators (oops, I mean Idiotors) are paranoid - and I do mean that in the psychopathological sense. Here is the story from the AZ Daily Star, with commentary from Donna Gratehouse at B4AZ. Here are snippets from the Star.

Gov. Doug Ducey wants state lawmakers to let Arizonans get a special type of secure driver’s license so they can get on a commercial aircraft next year without having a passport.

The governor said Monday he is concerned a Senate-approved bill [SB1273] to make such a license optional has stalled in the House.

House Speaker David Gowan, R-Sierra Vista, did not even assign the measure to a committee when it arrived at his desk from the Senate.

Gowan said Monday he is now looking at the issue. But he refused to promise that this specific proposal would reach the House floor.

That would have real implications come Jan. 19, possibly leaving Arizonans at the airport as their flights leave due to the Real ID Act. That 2005 federal law was adopted several years after radicals managed to board and hijack aircraft which they flew into both towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Why is this an issue now? Well, the Idioture, fueled by a dose of paranoia, decided to overrule the fed and even vote against homeland security.

... in 2008, the Arizona Legislature voted to prohibit the state from creating a Real ID-compliant license. Foes said they feared the license would effectively create a national database.

The federal law, however, remains. And the Department of Homeland Security says come Jan. 19 it will no longer recognize licenses that are not compliant to board an aircraft.

That means that anyone without a passport will not fly. Period.

Convey your thanks to David Gowan.

Here's Donna's comment:

... this morning I learned, via 12 News anchor Brahm Resnik, that despite all the coverage it has gotten, Governor Ducey was not aware of this drivers license issue until this past Sunday. Ducey promised at a press conference that he would fix the problem. How he does this without the Legislature is beyond me but the Governor has already demonstrated how he takes a very expansive view of his executive authority so maybe he thinks he can just set up his own drivers license agency to circumvent state law and issue federally compliant licenses. Who knows, but what is obvious is how little he cares about the day-to-day concerns of Arizona residents who are not big donors to him. In other words, practically all of us. This is what happens when you elect a rich guy who basically thinks of this state as his vacation home to be Governor.

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