Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Scriber replies to GV News editorial on Ackerley's votes

Here is the text of the letter to the editor published this morning titled "Another look at Ackerley" as a response to the editorial on Sunday.

The three votes you mention are indeed noteworthy; two of them were against seriously bad fiscal actions (payday loans and the austerity budget) ("Ackerley weighs in for the people," March 15, Page A6).

But to be fair in characterizing our newest LD2 representative, you should consider his other votes and what they say about his position on other issues.

He is for guns in public places (yes on HB 2320) and a compact with other states regarding firearm transfers (yes on HB 2431). I hope he reconsiders guns in libraries.

His votes on education appear to me to be basically anti-standards; he voted for a menu of assessment choices (HB 2180), creation of new standards (HB 2190), and parental opt-out from standardized tests (HB 2246, sponsor). Those measures weaken assessment and accountability.

His votes on finances are a mixed bag. He voted no on HB 2069, which reduces income tax by the amount of increased sales tax on out-of-state retailers. (Perhaps he understands the hypocrisy of directing revenues toward upper income brackets.) But then he voted yes on HB 2128, which exempts/minimizes tax on property leased to a religious organization, another move to reduce revenue.

And when it comes to matters of cooperation with the federal government, he voted consistently for non-cooperation (to put it kindly) — yes on HB 2643, HB 2368, HB 2055 and HB 2058. All those are likely to result in costly litigation because of their unconstitutionality.

All the votes mentioned here were aligned with the GOP majority in the House. So I must take exception to one of your conclusions: "... he’s not about politics at all." And how about the other conclusion, "He’s about people"? I’ll let his future voting pattern be the test of that one.

Bill Maki, Green Valley

Add to this list (at the junction of finance and education) HB2483 on which Ackerley voted yes.

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