Tuesday, March 31, 2015

UPDATE: Pending bills in AZLEG (aka Little Shop of Horrors)

These are not the only horrors - just those I've elected to watch. I'll update dispositions of these bills as I discover them.

1318 - abortion bill - SIGNED by DUCE - applauded by Herrod. The bill number was not in the Star's report this morning; I had to go to the CAP site to verify.

All the others look like they await action after crossover.

Senate bills now in House

1273 - REAL ID - (aka AZ do-not-fly list if not passed)

1339/1340 - voter suppression - resurrection of HB2305 which voters turned down last year

House bills now in Senate

2180 - assessment menu

2190 - anti-common-core measure - KILLED IN SENATE

2246 - Ackerley's leave-assessment-decisions-to-parents bill

2055/2058/2368/2643 - gaggle of sovereignty bills - entrails to feed the moon howlers

2069 - dimwitted idea to reduce income tax proportional to increased sales tax collection (aka "Why we don't have the money to fund education")

2320 - guns everywhere - KILLED IN SENATE

2431 - AZ's treaty with other like-minded countries (oops, states)

Apologies if I've missed any that might be on the most egregious list. You can check out all these, and more, at azleg.gov.

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