Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Updated idioture schedule: no good, just the bad and the ugly

An update for this week from Craig McDermott at B4AZ. Note two "ugly" gun bills previously passed by the House and now being heard by the Senate Government committee.

Here is another bad one. HB2483, being heard in the Senate Finance committee, "permits up to 20% of a school site’s undesignated Public School Tax Credit contributions to be used for classroom expenses." The current law reads:

43-1089.01. Tax credit; public school fees and contributions; definitions

A. A credit is allowed against the taxes imposed by this title for the amount of any fees or cash contributions by a taxpayer or on the taxpayer's behalf pursuant to section 43-401, subsection G during the taxable year to a public school located in this state for the support of extracurricular activities or character education programs of the public school ...

HB2483 changes that provision and gives schools the option of using some of the money donated for extracurricular activities to classroom instruction. So: Point 1 - If your kid attends a school flush with those donations, the instruction not funded by Il Duce and the idioture can be offset by the donations. But if your kid attends a poorer school, not benefitting from those donations, well, tough s%#t. In other words, the bill promotes economic inequality. Point 2 - It lets our elected officials off the hook when it comes to funding public education.

BTW: our new LD2 Rep voted for HB2483.

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