Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ally Miller watch: Miller chief-of-staff rumored to run against Ray Carroll

Again? The Tea Potty queen is determined to unseat Ray Carroll who may be at the very top of her s*#t list. The last time the Potty within the GOParty tried that they ran Sean Collins (who Scriber found trying to appropriate Ron Barber's sign hardware after Barber's victory over Jesse Kelly - Scriber got the hardware, BTW). The Rosemont folks would have loved Collins given Ray Carroll's consistent opposition to the proposed mine.

But I digress. Miller's list is a long one. Here is a snippet from Jim Nintzel's report.

... Miller’s Enemies List is a long one that includes Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry, the three Democrats on the Pima County Board of Supervisors, several of her former District 1 staffers, many of the reporters who have covered her at the Arizona Daily Star, your humble Skinny scribe, retired schoolteacher/furniture store owner Bob Dorson, The Loop bike path and—if her rabid opposition to the Pima County Animal Care Center expansion project last year is any indication—stray puppies and kittens. It might be shorter to catalog her "Friends List."

If anyone gets a photo of Miller kicking a stray puppy, send it and Scriber will publish it. Should I assume, given Nintzel's report, that Jeannie Davis, the subject of the rumor, might kick kittens?

Davis, who came on as Miller’s chief of staff about a year ago, is also no fan of Carroll. In 2012, she ran the campaign of Republican Sean Collins, who tried to unseat Carroll with a Tea Party-ish campaign that complained, among other things, that Carroll opposed the Rosemont Mine and supported putting water stations in the desert to prevent migrants from dying of thirst. Apparently, the pro-death-to-migrants platform isn’t all that popular, as Carroll won that GOP primary race with 57 percent of the vote.

Apparently a majority of local GOP types are not enamored with Rosemont. I really doubt Miller's surrogate would fare any better than Collins. But an attempt would be entertaining.

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