Thursday, April 16, 2015

AZ Education Superintendent Diane Douglas wants fewer education regulations

To that end, she is establishing a committee to review ARS 15 (the laws governing education in AZ) with an eye toward eliminating regulations. Which regulations? Here are snippets from Tucson Weekly/The Range.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas doesn't like that the state's education code, known as A.R.S. Title 15, is 1,000-plus pages long. She's announced that she'll establish an annual committee to review the code's regulations and get rid of everything that is outdated, unnecessary or "detrimental to the work of school district and charter schools."

She also touches on Gov. Doug Ducey's request for deregulation "to unburden the private sector to stimulate economic growth."

In the case of education, that would be the removal of allegedly useless regulations in Title 15.

I get very uncomfortable when "detrimental to ... charter schools" is juxtaposed with "unburden the private sector". Are regulations governing charters "detrimental" or "useless"? Let's stay tuned on this one.

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