Sunday, April 19, 2015

"Ducey briefly shows reasonable side"

That is the title of today's editorial in the Daily Star. But the conclusion is rather different. Here is why.

Ducey signed legislation that "bars state and local governments from using their resources to ‘enforce, administer or cooperate with the ACA,’ prohibits Arizona from setting up its own state-based healthcare exchange or marketplace," [Howard] Fischer reported in the Wednesday Star.

The editorial then slams Il Duce for that signing.

What will the state do if the Supreme Court eliminates the subsidies on federal exchanges? "Once the court rules, the state may have to act, or it may not have to act," Ducey said.

Acting won’t be simple with the new law in place.

Ducey and other Republicans have made their views on Obamacare clear. It’s part of the fraternity pledge. We know where they stand.

But this law has the potential to punish tens of thousands of people who work but need help to afford health insurance. It can be someone piecing together part-time jobs, someone working for themselves or an employee of a small business that doesn’t offer insurance. Maybe they’re workers at the state’s second-largest private employer Walmart or even a Cold Stone Creamery.

It was an irresponsible move that overshadows his compassionate stand on adoptions.

We do not know how many children might be affected by his action on adoptions. We do know how many AZ citizens might be punished by Duce's putting their health care at risk.

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