Friday, April 10, 2015

Conservative columnist says Il Duce is "operating at the speed of 19-year-olds cramming for midterm exams."

Oh, man. When a conservative columnist like Robert Robb at The Republic scorns Duce, you know he's lost a lot among those who supported him. But will that make any difference to a guy who wants his own personal police force?

Robb wrote a lengthy column explaining how successful businesses really work ... and why Duce's version of that is all wrong. (Ice cream meltdown in the imagery?) Here are a few parts of the message skewering Duce and the idioture for their rushed, middle of the night budgeting process.

Successful businesses don't decide where to spend $9.1 billion in a three-day marathon blitz capped by a judgment-impairing all-nighter, as the Legislature did. That's not operating at the speed of business. That's operating at the speed of 19-year-olds cramming for midterm exams.

The cram-down wasn't to operate at the speed of business or serve a businesslike purpose. It was exclusively to serve a political purpose. Ducey and legislative leaders didn't want due deliberation on the budget and orchestrated a process to minimize deliberation and maximize political pressure.

Ducey has reason to be happy with the substance of the legislative session. Perhaps his operating-at-the-speed-of-business nonsense is just political spin to deflect widespread criticism of the process by which it was done.

If, however, Ducey really believes the nonsense, the state's in for a rough ride.

Yes, it really will be Kansas, Toto.

BTW Mr. Robb. Why is any of this surprising? GOPlins lie all the time. You got took by Il lDuce.

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