Sunday, April 12, 2015

"Education could have had it worse" ... and would have if Chris Ackerley had his way

The quote in the headline is the title of an editorial from the Sierra Vista Herald reprinted in this morning's GV News (p. A6). Snippets follow.

This week we learned that despite the Legislature’s saber-rattling on radical changes to existing statewide education initiatives, the federal government will continue to allocate some $600 million to spend on education in Arizona.

Two decisions by lawmakers apparently saved the flow of federal money.

Gov. Doug Ducey’s call for the State Board of Education to continue with Common Core at this time, and two votes by the state Senate to defeat HB2246, appear to have calmed federal education officials enough that Arizona won’t lose its federal funding — for now.


The second decisive decision that apparently mollified the education bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. was the Senate’s decision to defeat HB2246 — a bill that would have allowed parents to have their children opt out of K-12 standardized assessment tests. Federal education standards currently require that more than 95 percent of the students in the state must take assessment tests to qualify for federal funding. The federal government argues that assessment is necessary to validate that students are indeed being educated in Arizona.

For now, this state is still compliant enough with federal rules, regulations and guidelines to keep its federal funding.

Let’s hope lawmakers have the good sense to keep it that way.

But wait! On the front page of the same edition of GV News, our very own Republican from LD2 was quoted concerning HB2246:

[Freshman legislator Chris Ackerley (R, Sahuarita)] ... said he wished HB 2246, which he sponsored and would have given parents a standardized way to opt their children out of state-mandated assessments, had made it out of the Senate.

And had it done so, our public education system would be in even worse financial shape thanks to Mr. Ackerley.

Scriber has a long memory ... at least until the next election.

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