Tuesday, April 21, 2015

crAZy in the news: "Arizona government to recently insured Arizonans: F**k you"

Il Duce signed the law forbidding any state level support for or cooperation with Obamacare. That means a couple of hundred thousand residents could be without their newly acquired health insurance if SCOTUS rules against the Affordable Care Act. Duce and the GOPlin idioture have received some notoriety for their cruel indifference. Here is an example from Daily Kos.

There's a new law in Arizona designed to tell the world just how much the state's lawmakers hate Obamacare. Any hate to individual Arizonans who will be hurt by this law is merely implied.

So if the Supreme Court rules against Obamacare this year, Arizona will arguably have no legal recourse or backup option to build a new marketplace.

On some level, this all a bit of a charade meant to symbolize how opposed the governor and legislature are to Obamacare. To build a state exchange, Arizona would have to pass a law doing so—and that law could simply include the language necessary to repeal this one. ...

With a legislature willing to pass this law, how likely would it be that they'd reverse themselves, embrace Obamacare, and maintain insurance for the roughly 155,000 people who have enrolled with subsidies? Not very.

But hey, Arizona legislature, the people of Kansas and Idaho thank you for making our legislatures look a tiny bit less stupid and cruel.

Awesome. crAZy has won another race to the bottom.

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