Thursday, April 30, 2015

crAZy seeks waiver from Homeland Security on Real ID drivers licenses. Yes, but ...

If you read the fine print (in the report in the Daily Star), you will see that the author of the bill enabling AZ to create drivers licenses that comply with federal standards does not expect the waiver to be granted. So why request it? It was one of the hoops (aka amendments) that AZ Sen. Bob Worsley had to accept in order to get the bill passed. Once DHS denies the waiver, as it has done for other states, then ADOT can proceed with creating the Real ID licenses.

Ya know, though, let me dream a bit. It would be much more interesting from a blogging point of view if DHS actually granted the waiver. AZ would not have to issue secure drivers licenses. Then some number of AZ citizens would be effectively on a do-not-fly list. That is, unless they had a passport. That list could be substantial and could include those of the GOPlin tribe who think the U. S. is exceptional and that there is no need to travel outside the US. So the very people objecting to Real ID, lacking a passport, would find themselves suffering self-inflicted harm. Delicious.

OK. Won't happen. But I can dream.

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