Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Did Dubya criticize President Obama on foreign policy?

There are different hearsay accounts coming from attendees at a GOPlin fundraiser at which Bush spoke.

Yes, he did, sort of. Here is Steve Benen's take on it at MSNBC/Rachel Maddow Show.

No, he did not, kind of. Here is ex press guy Ari Fleischer defending Shrub at CNN.com.

Scriber sez: Bush didn't exactly damn with faint praise. He just second-guessed Obama on Iraq and Iran. And Bush is the guy who left the legacy of ruined Middle East policy.

Benen offers some points to keep in mind while this story blows over.

... so long as the former president is dipping his toes back into the public debate, let’s keep a few pertinent details in mind:

1. Presidents who launch two massive wars that destabilized the entire Middle East probably shouldn’t warn about his successor making the region "chaotic."

2. When U.S. forces withdrew from Iraq, it was under the terms of a Status of Forces Agreement negotiated by George W. Bush.

3. Bush may not like the idea of a nuclear agreement with Iran, but President Obama is now making up for the fact that Bush could have struck a better deal but failed to even try, and Iran’s nuclear capabilities grew far more serious – without consequence – on Bush’s watch.

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