Saturday, April 18, 2015

Government is not a [failed] business

Even though former ice cream tout turned Guv thinks it is. Doug Duce campaigned on his bidness creds and is now fulfilling his promise to melt down crAZy just as Cold Stone Creamery melted under his "leadership."

Michele Manos blogs about the myth that government is a business:

On Wednesday evening, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Robert McDonald, told Rachel Maddow that the VA health care system needed to function like a business. This should surprise no one; Mr. McDonald is the retired CEO of Proctor and Gamble and has limited experience leading anything but a business. And he is an Obama appointee, reflecting that Democrats have joined Republicans in acting out the fairy tale that successful business people make the best leaders of government and its agencies.

Here in crAZy we’re suffering from this on a large scale. Arizona’s buffoon for a governor, Doug Ducey, campaigned on his business experience (Cold Stone Creamery). He often repeats his pledge to manage the state like a business. Thus far, that approach has failed miserably. However, it will ensure that Arizona wins the Race to the Bottom, as we face a growing deficit and poorer measurable outcomes on all fronts.

BTW: Scriber thinks the race is over. We've won. On a per-student basis, education funding in crAZy has us at the bottom.

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