Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Il Duce signed the abortion bill. Remember "SB1318" - your tax money will be used to defend it.

Here is the story with caustic comment from Laurie Roberts at The Republic/

Ducey today signed Senate Bill 1318, commanding that henceforth doctors must tell women that drug-induced abortions might be reversible, if only they take copious doses of a particular hormone.

And henceforth the state Department of Health Services must provide referrals to doctors who claim they can do what there is no science proving they can do.

Where does this lead? Cathi Herrod and minions (inc. Il Duce, commander-in-chief of the minions) claim it "protects" taxpayers. Laurie Roberts again:

I doubt it'll protect taxpayers when one of the state-referred voodoo docs produces unintended side effects in a patient. (That one's going to leave a mark on the public's purse.)

Presumably, Herrod is talking about the portion of the bill that bars women who get their insurance on the federal health care exchange from buying extra insurance that covers abortion.

Of course, the bill doesn't really protect taxpayers because federal law already bars the use of taxpayer money for abortion.

More likely, this bill will cost taxpayers a bundle as we inevitably head to court to defend another bad abortion bill.

Again, that is.

Remember how Il Duce and his gaggle of GOPlins hate "government overreach"? Think of it this way. If I want to buy additional medical insurance for condition X and Cathi Herrod does not like X, then she can command Il Duce to prevent me from getting that insurance. I guess that's not government overreach. Nope. It's hypocrisy.

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